October 30, 2019
4 Ways To Save Money On A Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are the occasions where companies compete for attention from consumers and members of the press. For many companies, a lot of money goes into fancy attractions in which it is normal to now have a trade show budget. Face-to-face marketing always has a place in the marketing scene, but you would like to be able to save money, too, so that you can maximize your profits.

If you are looking for ways that you can cut costs in your trade show budget, the best event production in Dxb has a list of suggestions before your next trade show.

Order In Advance

If you are looking to acquire booth space for a trade show that is several months away, you can get in on an early bird price. If you are confirmed to be appearing at a trade show, check to see what the deadline is for early bird payment, as it can certainly cost you lots of money should you miss it. Not only can trade shows have early bird deadlines, but also services that you’ll need there, too, like electricity, labor, and other things. Even hotel reservations and travel expenses are far cheaper when you book them months ahead of time. Put simply, plan right away for trade shows that are around three to four months in advance.

See If The Trade Show Is Worth It For Your Company

You can calculate your expenses and the return on investment (ROI) before anything ever happens. This can determine whether or not you will make more money by being at the trade show. If your ROI isn’t desirable to you, or the event attracts a different demographic, it would be a good idea to back out of the show and wait for another. Look for a show that can promise you better leads in a demographic that will work better. If possible, try to do some research on your competition to figure out where they go for trade shows. This way, you can learn about possible shows that your company can attend and reap the benefits.

Choose A Reusable Display Setup

As far as your booth goes, you should consider a setup that look appealing and with the times. With many companies coming up with their own elaborate booths, you will need to be creative in order to stand out. With event production services, you can brainstorm ideas for a booth given the space you are given. What you should consider on mainly is a collection of displays that are versatile so many of them can be reused for other trade shows and events when you are given a smaller space to work with. This way, you won’t have to constantly spend on new booth designs for each show.

Review Your Expenses

Looking at your trade show receipts should go without saying, but on many occasions, companies often overlook bills and invoices on products and services that go towards their booth. Perhaps you could be accidentally overcharged, charged twice, or charged for something you may not have approved of. Make sure that all of your expenses are accurate, and if you see what you believe is a mistake, you can arrange to have it corrected.