February 20, 2022
All About Warm, Cool, And Colorful Lighting for Events

Lighting in a major part of event presentation. No matter what kind of corporate you go to, you are sure to notice that companies go all out on lighting to set the right mood. You’ll notice some lights come in a plethora of colors, while others have a pure, blinding white light. If you are wondering what color lighting your event needs, allow us to help you with this concise guide.

There are essentially two types of ambient color lighting, but when it comes to fun events from the best AV rentals in Dubai, there are actually three. They are warm lighting, cool lighting, and multicolored lighting. Some events require only one type of lighting, whereas other can use all three, and use the right type of lights at the right times.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting is what you will most likely find in home and situational settings, and isn’t really common in public events, but can be useful in the right scenarios. Warm lighting is typically yellow in color. This lighting helps people relax so they can rest and unwind as the event goes on. This type of lighting is great for dinners, comedy nights, award ceremonies, and more. This lighting doesn’t exactly give you that energetic, lively atmosphere, but if you ever need warm lighting, AV rental companies can have it available for you. Depending on the venue you are renting out, there might already be warm lighting for you to use, but if not, you can still have it provided for you.

Cool Lighting

Cool lighting is lighting that is a pure white in color, often giving off a cold atmosphere, where relaxing can actually be quite challenging. This kind of lighting is implemented in commercial environments where productivity is key. Unlike warm lighting, cool lighting does not intend to make people underneath this light calm and lethargic. This lighting is meant to energize and invigorate people, encouraging them to get off their feet and act in a lively manner. This kind of lighting is great for concerts, sporting events, live presentations, and more. Like warm lighting, this kind of lighting might be available to use already if your venue has a cool lighting system.

Multicolored Lighting

Multicolored lighting can come in either one or multiple artificial-looking colors. Lights that are red, yellow, green, blue, or many other colors are considered multicolored lights. For some lighting systems, two lights can combine light rays to make new colors, such as purple from red and blue. Multicolored lighting does not fire people up or cool people down like the previous two lights do, but it rather is meant to serve as special effects to make an event look more fun and appealing. This kind of lighting is great for sporting events, corporate events, parties, concerts, and other exciting occasions, although it should not be considered the primary light system. Most multicolored light systems today are used when lights move across a venue or stage so that colorful visuals can be achieved without the whole room looking too colorful or unnatural. Multicolored lighting systems are often used in conjunction with cool lighting systems so that proper lighting is still attained throughout the venue.


There are three types of lighting for corporate events. Warm lighting helps guests relax. Cool lighting helps guests get energized. Multicolored lighting can make your events look fun and engaging, and are even customizable. If you need an elaborate lighting scheme for your event, be sure to get help and advice from AV professionals in Dubai.