January 11, 2020
How To Successfully Hold International Conferences And Seminars

Going for conference AV hire in Dubai is a great way to free up your time to focus on other critical aspects, like inviting guests, organizing reception and so on.

Despite the world increasingly becoming a global village, people from various parts of the world seem not to embrace the main languages. And somehow, that does not seem to slow down business. Besides that, the interaction between countries is done in conferences or seminars which draws speakers and audiences of different languages.

That is made possible by technology and to be specific devices that offer translation to languages that specific audiences understand. Since the conferences or seminars are in most cases, a one-day affair, buying the translation devices might seem more of a bad investment. But there is a more straightforward way out of such a possibly stressful situation.

How about opting to work with a firm which does conference AV hire in Dubai? Doing so will save you from making a lousy purchase, working with the best company will also ensure that everything goes on smoothly by setting the equipment the right way. And that is how to ensure your delegates do not miss out on what is said.

Now you can confidently invite delegates from;


Nicknamed as the old continent, according to the UN, there are 44 known countries in Europe. This continent is home to some of the world’s biggest economies. This means that it is a crucial player in business and setting up of various policies that affect humanity as a whole. There are 24 official languages spoken across Europe, the main ones being; German, English, Russian, Italian, French, Ukranian, and Spanish.


Home to some of the fastest-growing economies, this continent is home to some 48 countries and most heavily depend on their native languages despite their growing influence in the business world. Today, it is nearly impossible to hold a conference without having to factor in Asia as a continent. Some of the notable Asian dialects include; Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino.


Africa is a know to be rich in history, resources, and home to 54 countries. Apart from the few uncolonized countries, the main languages spoken in this continent are influenced by the colonial forces or the people they interact with, in various capacities. Today there is a lot to do with this continent, and again to ensure smooth communication, you will need to work with a conference av hiring firm when holding conferences.

The Americas and the Carribean

The Americas is a collective word for the two American continents, while the Carribean consists primarily of Islands close to the Americas. Besides English, these countries and islands nations speak various languages, which include; Spanish, Portuguese, French, Latin, Dutch, and creole.

Final take

The world is rich in numerous languages and dialects, most of which have proved difficult to be absorbed by the major ones. That doesn’t mean people from these nations should be kept away from world affairs. A solution as simple as working with a professional company that does conference av hire in Dubai should make sure that everyone understands the speaker no matter what their language might be.