November 30, 2022
How Spider LED Series is Establishing Supremacy in the LED Display World

LED displays have pervaded every space and setting you to walk into, from shopping malls and hotel lobbies to stadiums and airports. With immersive indoor displays and giant vibrant screens, LED displays have found applications everywhere. Whether you want to advertise for your business, display presentations in meeting rooms or keep scores in sports stadiums, they have become a one-stop solution. With their varied applications, providers of LED screens in Dubai have proliferated over the years.

Overburdened with choice and deficient in technical know-how, many customers find it a herculean task to select and rent the right display for their needs. We at Prince AV, one of the most acclaimed and trusted companies specialised in rental of LED screens in Dubai, have a team of experts who guide you through every step of your LED rental journey and find you the one that displays your intentions best.

An indoor LED screen from the Spider Series displays images and videos in high resolution and large dimensions. With an excellent video performance, a sleek magnetic panel design and stunning visual quality, Spider indoor LED screens are strengthening their presence across Dubai. Ideal for corporate events and professional applications, Spider indoor LED screens provide a level of display other brands cannot compete with. 

High-quality professional displays
As much as a prominent display is essential in outdoor environments, an elaborate display is also significant for indoor applications. With high brightness, refresh rate and contrast ratio along with full black SMD LEDs, Spider LED screens create a canvas of creative content and stunning visuals that catch the attention of every passer-by. Due to their superior image quality and wide-viewing angle, Spider indoor LEDs are perfect for advertising and publicity. 

Easy installation and maintenance

Built to ease installation woes, Spider LED screens are strengthened by a magnetic panel system, innovative and rotatable curve lock and corner protection. Additionally, the Spider LED screens can be installed through ground stacking and the rigging system. Furthermore, the availability of a magnetic front service gives users the option not to use screws. As a result, the Spider LED screens are quick and easy to install. 

Curved screen system achievable
Spider indoor LED display allows you to experience creative liberty with its wave design technology. Its innovative sidelock system offers five different angles to install the LED screens in concave and convex displays. Equipped with a magnetic panel design, Spider indoor LED screens can be seamlessly locked together to create stunning visuals. Besides standard mounting in a flat column or against a wall, it can also be displayed in curves and waves. 

Robust built and modern design
The Spider indoor LED screens are equipped with strengthened corner protection and die-casting aluminium panel, which increases their durability, simplifies maintenance and bolsters the structure. Designed to resist deformation, the indoor LED screens from Spider have superb surface flatness and magnetic surfaces that deliver an ultra-sleek and state-of-the-art design. Its innovative and stylish design allows you to create memorable signages, large displays and seamless visuals. 

Parameters  Details 
Pitch  2.6, 2.9, 3.9 mm 
LED Type  Black SMD 
Viewing Angle  160/140-degree 
Refresh Rate  3840Hz 
Brightness  800-1200Nits 
Lock System  Concave & Convex 

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