August 8, 2023
Key accessories supplementing LED screen rentals in Dubai

The LED screen rentals in Dubai are no doubt rapidly evolving with new technologies, applications and possibilities. The leading rental companies offering LED displays suit the requirements of each company from digital billboards to digital advertising signs, and they have it all. With LED screens that are equipped with high brightness, energy-efficient and have a low maintenance cost, the AV rental industry in Dubai is making strides in the market.

There are numerous companies that are offering LED screen rentals in Dubai that can amplify your display needs. Major companies offer products with exceptional quality, new-age technology and cost benefits. However, when selecting LED screen rentals in Dubai, it is crucial to look for a company that also provides necessary accessory products required for the smooth operation of LED screens.

Power Distribution Equipment

The LED display screen is a large electronic device that requires a good power distribution device for the system to work reliably. The screen is powered by a large number of switching power supplies. When the screen body is started the instantaneous current is so extreme that it can hamper the power grid and cause damage to the equipment. It becomes necessary to choose a reliable provider for LED screen rentals in Dubai that offers power distribution equipment, which distributes power to each load part to prevent leakage, short circuit and overload.

Support Software

The LED display is responsible for delivering the end product but the software is used to build layouts, integrate applications, program display schedules, control displays remotely and respond to gathered data in real-time. All LED displays must have four basic software which include- Media Player, Device Management, Content Creation and Content Management for the end result to be spectacular. Thus, opt for a LED screen rental in Dubai that offers the aforementioned support software.

Lightning Protection System

Outdoor LED screens need to be equipped with technology that can sustain thunderstorms and lightning. In outdoor settings, LED displays are prone to lightning which can cause mechanical, thermal and electrical damage or in some cases may even ignite a fire. Therefore, having an alliance with a reliable provider of LED screen rental in Dubai is mandatory to have a lightning protection system in place as it is packed with lightning rods that can provide protection from direct lightning strikes.

Display Controller

LED display controls system is a panel that controls and displays videos, animations, texts, images etc on the LED screen. It plays a very important role in LED screens, as without this system one would never be able to display messaging on the screen. The control system is available in two different types and consulting a LED screen rental in Dubai can guide with the best system to choose based on your specific needs is vital.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned accessories are just a few essential products that are required for the effortless delivery and viewing experience. Each of these pieces of support equipment ensures that the screen doesn’t have any technical glitches and you can divert your time and energy towards creating interactive content.

Though there are countless providers for LED screen rentals in Dubai to choose from, Prince AV is one of the most reputed and reliable companies for LED screen rental in Dubai that provides its customers with assured delivery of all indispensable support equipment.