October 11, 2022
L-Acoustics SVYA- The Best of Sound & Spectacle

Ever since L-Acoustics SVYA was launched in 2017, it has been heard everywhere, from the Hollywood Bowl and the Philharmonie de Paris to top-grossing music festivals like Coachella. Sleek and modern exterior complemented by a high-power loudspeaker system, it offers aesthetic elegance as well as exceptional coverage. Widely used throughout the entertainment and events industry, the AV equipment is celebrated for its incredible audio, aesthetic design and ease of installation by top AV companies in UAE. 

We at Prince AV, always strive to diversify our range and volume of audio equipment. The addition of L-Acoustics SVYA is just another feather in our cap as we continue to meet the evolving needs of our broad customer base. The L-Acoustics SVYA fits perfectly in an array of settings ranging from residential environments and intimate spaces to the rental and staging industry and the corporate world. Our exceptional range of equipment like L-Acoustics SVYA makes us one of the best AV companies in UAE.

Blends seamlessly in any environment

To facilitate high-end sound reinforcement and discretion, SVYA blends in seamlessly with any kind of set, venue and architecture. The SYVA systems boast six 5” mid-frequency drivers and three 1.75” high-frequency drivers in vertical orientation that are ideal for corporate events in small meeting rooms, state-of-the-art residential AV environments, or grand music festivals with a ground-supported speaker system. The industry of top AV companies in UAE capitalise on its sleek design that can blend in any environment. 

Ideal for dynamic settings

The SVYA audio system is amongst the most innovative systems provided by best AV companies in UAE. It is equipped with a simple plug-and-play feature that eliminates the need for software. As a result, it expedites installation and is used in fast-paced rental and staging environments. Furthermore, it combines the advantages of line source technology, streamlined design and horizontal polar pattern, making it an ideal choice for most acoustically challenging environments. 

Boasts long-distance coverage capability

The high-performance system is backed by a 35m throw capability. It has a long-range directionality, loud and clear sound quality and ground-breaking transducer arrangement to elevate its coverage. Additionally, SYVYA’s 140-degree wide horizontal dispersion and 26-degree vertical dispersion delivers great coverage across vast perimeters and increase the sound focus by keeping it off the reverberant hard surfaces. Designed as a two-part colinear system with a J-curvature top box and a Low box, SVYA can extend the frequency response to 40Hz. 

Delivers high audio quality

SVYA’s innovative and high-power loudspeaker system is particularly built to augment the precision and distribution of audio. It is designed to deliver high performance at corporate events, trade shows, amphitheatres and performing arts centres. Additionally, the sleek and contemporary design makes it an attractive option for fashion shows, places of worship or more intimate settings such as home cinemas or lounge bars. 

Maximises output and bandwidth

SVYA, when accompanied by an SVYA Low subwoofer, can achieve a maximum sound pressure of 142dB. SVYA Low features two K2-grade 12” drivers built to provide low-frequency contour and expanded bandwidth up to 40Hz. It features an advanced vent design that significantly minimises turbulent noises to increase its output capabilities. Furthermore, one LA4X amplified controller can drive up to four SVYA enclosures. 

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