Event Lighting
October 12, 2021
Things to Consider Before Renting Event Lighting

When renting a lighting equipment for your next event, you need to ensure certain things in advance so that you can get exactly what you need, and more importantly you need to know how to fit them in the space where the event is scheduled to happen.

While your lighting tech will be able to answer most of these questions, there are a few things you need you need to keep in mind and thoroughly research Lighting Rental Dubai Event Based information.

Know the lighting effect you want

The first thing your service provider will ask you is the result you want to achieve. If the company you are renting your equipment from doesn’t ask you this upfront, then you should consider telling them proactively. Be as specific as possible and answer the question in concise manner. Without this information, it is impossible to move forward.

The availability of equipment

When you are looking for lighting rental support, you must ask the service provider if they own the equipment they will rent to you or will they outsource the requirement. It is not unheard of for companies to cross-rent from one another to service a client. It doesn’t matter how they make the equipment available, what is important is that they should know the items they are working with and ensure its availability on the day of the event in the price range affordable to you.

Power availability at the venue

Assess the power capability of the venue you are planning to conduct the event at. Do they have enough power to meet your lighting needs? If not, then you need to know how to minimize the use of lighting without affecting the quality of the event. You can look for strategic placements or use LEDs to extend your abilities if the power supply is not enough.

Ask for a quote

When taking a quote from the rental company, make sure that the cost includes the end price. Ask about all the fee apart from the cost of rental. Things like shipping, labour, installation etc. can also bump up the final quote.

Other services

Check if the company you are planning to hire provides other kind of support as well such as design and planning assistance. If not, then you may have to outsource that as well which will add on to the cost of the event.

Plan ahead

Make a checklist of all the important things and discuss it with them ahead of time. You must ensure that everyone involved in the event planning process is aware of the exact outcome you want from the lighting. This will help them arrange things and display accordingly.

It goes without saying that the sooner you start planning these things, the smoother things will be on the day of the event. Keep all these points in mind when discussing your requirements with the AV rental company.