Video Walls
January 5, 2022
Things to Look for in Video Walls

Ever since the video walls were introduced in the market, they have made a substantial impact on how the businesses conduct their events. There are all kinds of video walls that can suit different budgets and requirements. Some are suited for conferences while others are recommended for trade shows.

However, if you are Looking For Video Wall For Events, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind to avoid the common mistakes and use this technology in the most effective way.

That being said, let us look at this article to know the things to keep in mind when you look for a video wall.

Don’t worry about the cost, they literally pay for themselves

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to buy LED video walls or lease them for your event, the cost is often the reason many businesses find it hard to invest. However, the experts rightly explain that the exposure you get from it will help you recover the cost of investment in no time. If you want to create a flawless video experience, then this these video walls are well worth the investment.

Be clear about your business goals

Before you invest in any kind of visual installation, you or your event coordinator must understand the business goals associated with it. Do you know how exactly a video wall will help you improve and promote your brand message and how is it better than the one you are already using? For instance, during an event, it is very useful to use the video wall to play sponsored content, share useful information, or to entertain the guests, among other things.

Not assessing your space properly

Do not even think about a video wall until you fully understand the space that will occupy it. These factors will come in handy when you are determining the size, brightness, resolution, power requirements etc. You must also consider other elements in the room such as position of your booth, especially if you are planning to install one on a small booth in a trade fair. A large video wall will not only be overwhelming in a tight space but also distracting.

Make sure you understand the technicalities

Take help from professionals to ensure that the text, images, videos, and other content is optimized to suit the video wall you are using. Nothing makes the video wall look unprofessional than the tiny and low-res images emanating from the screen. Don’t think that the content that looks so sharp and good on the laptop will also look equally attractive on a massive video wall. Therefore, you should always get a video wall based on the size of the screen.

These are some important things that you must consider before leasing or purchasing a video wall. You can also take help from a professional to help you choose the right equipment for your upcoming event.