March 15, 2022
Tips on Using AV Technology at Your Trade Shows

At many trade shows, attendees spend a very long time on the floor, due to likely there being hundreds upon hundreds of exhibits to check out. When attendees see your exhibit, they likely won’t stay for too long, unless they see a good reason to. Companies compete with one another for the attention of reporters, investors, and consumers all the time at trade shows, even if it means giving their exhibit’s look an upgrade.

In today’s modern era, attendees at trade shows will be fixated on dynamic displays that look professional and stand out from anything else in the building. What the latest audio visual (AV) technology can do is increase your company’s likelihood of attracting audiences and make a great impression on them.

AV technology is not a means to replace the human element at trade show exhibits or any other content you have planned for the trade show, but rather enhance your presentation so that your company can get more momentum coming out of your big event. Here are four tips to consider when using AV technology from your event production company in Dubai at your next trade show.

  1. Create A Story About Your Brand

As mentioned before, the AV technology that you use should be able to compliment the human interaction that goes on in your exhibit. Using this technology, it’s best that you use it to send a message about your company, products, or services. Rather than showing flashy, meaningless visuals intending to just grab a person’s attention, or screens full of statistics or facts that attendees have little care for, be sure that what you are showing heavily relates to your brand and tell a compelling story with it in terms of marketing.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Human Interaction

AV technology is meant to draw audiences into a booth. But once they’re there, they will still have questions about your company or products. It’s important to pay attention to visitors at your booth, especially when it comes to what they say and do while they are around. It’s still important that representatives at your booth listen to attendees and respond with questions that may lead to further interest in your company.

  1. Set Up Your AV Strategically

It is important to use AV technology in the right ways so that you can have an appealing-looking exhibit that also puts focus on the right things in your booth. For one, you shouldn’t have lighting that’s just bright and colorful, but that lighting should be used to focus on and highlight parts of your booth that you would like to bring attention to, such as products, screens, your logo, and more. Task and accent lighting are two types of lighting that can get the job done in this regard.

  1. Make Your Attendees Feel Like They’re Not at A Trade Show

It’s important that, with everything considered, to give your attendees an experience like no other. It’s not out of the question to have some fun with your booth and give it a gimmick in order to make the exhibit more memorable for guests. With AV technology, you can give your booth a theme with walls, floors, and projectors, as well as incorporate it into your booth members so they act less like salespeople and more like fun, entertaining guides.